Kamis, 31 Mei 2012


Hello the world!
I'm here, don't you see me?
Okay, may be you don't see me,
or even you don't ever feel me,
I'm here.

But, okay, I just talked about existentialism,
I talked about 'exist'
but am I really 'exist'?
What the hell, from where I came?
Am I just like, okay, let I say,,,
Okay may be like a toy?

Oh God! What do I said?
No, I'm human. You're human, okay?
Just throw away your fucking mind about toy.
You're not a toy or something like a toy.
You're a human, have feeling, heart
or whatever human have.

Yes, I'm not a toy,
but what will I do here?
In the world?
Oh my God!
You don't even know what will you do here?
Have you a religion?
or may be had your parent teach you about God?
about religion?
 I ever heard about religion,
and yes I knew about God.
Yes, I knew.
My parent told me about him,
about his power, his greatness.
He is like a super power man.
He is more than Superman, Ironman,
The flash or may be Thor.
Yeah, I ever heard about him.

God! What the hell did you say?
Yes, of course! You talked about God,
as if you talked about your far neighbor!
Hey, do you know, God made you!
He created you!
Do you know that?
You are fucking stupid!

Hey, easy man, easy man.
I just talked about what I knew.
Don't be mad.

Right, okay,
What? What are you thinking?
Hell! You made me forget!
I want to say something,
Something that can fill this fucking blog.
But you always interrupt me!
Ah! I forgot!

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